Reducing compilation memory usage

Tony Wetmore
Fri Jan 18 14:12:00 GMT 2008

Alejandro Pulver wrote:
 > As it fails with -O1 and all -fno-*, I tried parameters like
 > max-pending-list-length=1 without success.
 > Do you know about an option or something that could help in this case?


I may have missed this earlier, but are the source files causing GCC to 
crash particularly large?  Perhaps the problem could be avoided by 
splitting the code into more (smaller) files, so that GCC is compiling 
less of the code at once.

If I understand what you are doing, this code is program-generated, so 
you would have to modify the generator program to create multiple files. 
  But you might be able to test this by manually splitting one file 

Good luck!

Tony Wetmore

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