gnatbind error

Kaplan Cem EREN
Wed Jan 16 01:42:00 GMT 2008

I have downloaded and installed version 4.2.2 for solaris 10.
My ada program will call c objects and i need to change the "main".
After compilation, while binding, i get an error message. I have listed my 
comp. steps and output below

$ gnatmake -c hello.adb
>gcc -c hello.adb
$ gnatbind -x -Mnew_main hello.ali
>gnatbind: -M not expected to be used on native platforms
>error: "hello.ali" does not contain a unit that can be a main program

The code is simple

with text_io;
procedure hello is
text_io.put("Hello world");
end hello;

How can i compile this code with FSU threads library ?

Thanks in advance

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