top-level configure options, --help

Ian Lance Taylor
Fri Jan 4 02:18:00 GMT 2008

NightStrike <> writes:

> I noticed that --with-sysroot is not listed in --help for the top
> level configure, but --with-build-sysroot is.  Is that on purpose?
> Should the former not be used at all in place of the latter?

This is an unfortunate artifact of autoconf --help handling with
recursive configure scripts.  You'll see both mentioned in the output
of gcc/configure --help.  --with-build-sysroot needs to be handled at
the top level in order to pass down the --sysroot option when
compiling libraries; therefore, it appears in the top level --help
output.  --with-sysroot does not need to be handled at the top level;
therefore, it does not appear in the top level --help output.


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