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Tim Prince tprince@computer.org
Tue Jan 1 20:49:00 GMT 2008

ц╚ц▐ц▌ц⌠ц■ц│ц▌ц■ц┴ц▌ wrote:
> Hi!
> I ask you to put optimimizations tips for programmers into your documentation site on www. Sure, there are some texts about program optimimization, but you are the only one, who really understand compilation and execution processes and know how to make program faster.
> I read on some site that it would better and quicker to use floats instead of doubles, use unsigned int instead of signed as counters in loops, mark const function parameters when they are and so on. Is it true for GCC (G++)?
> Your compiler makes great optimization, but it'd be better if you explain to programmers how to help to compiler optimize program. For example, some time ago I listened that GCC supports vectorization, but still can't find anything about it, how can I use it in my programs.
> Your site is the right place for such documentation. PLEASE put it on.
> Thank you!
This topic seems more appropriate to the gcc-help mail list.
The on-line docs show a fair effort, although documentation of 
-ftree-vectorize seems difficult to find in a single search:

Superior performance of float over double is more marked for the SSE 
platforms, so you should specify your platform of interest when asking 
such questions.
If you want examples, quite a few of those are available on line.

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