Integral conversions in C/C++

Andrew Haley
Wed Apr 23 11:11:00 GMT 2008

Christian Böhme wrote:
> Andrew Haley wrote:
>>> That was the whole point of the OP (Did you read the subject ?).
>> Unfortunately I did. yes.
> Yet you keep going.  Why ?

To try to discover the substance of the complaint, if any.

>> The operands, and the result, are all of type unsigned int, which
>> presumably is 32 bits in this case.
> And given that integral promotions according to [conv.prom] only
> promote as far as to unsigned int as the type with the highest
> conversion rank, where was there intergal promotion applied,
> again ?

It's not: the operands are unsigned int, and stay that way.

>> So what?  The compiler does what the standard says it must.
> Which was the actual incentive for the OP.

I thought you were complaining about the compiler, not the standard.

>> Right: the compiler can use such an instruction, but it must discard
>> the upper part of the result.
> And _here_ is where the standard screws up.

In your opinion.

>> "The correct result"?  The correct result is whatever the standard
>> says it is.
> However counter-intuitive to anyone knowing what linear algebra is it
> may possibly seem.

That's right.


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