absolutely FREE web-search OSN service for your website

Moomna Inc. info@moomna.com
Mon Apr 28 09:23:00 GMT 2008


We at moomna offers you a unique service for your website at absolutely
free, yes truly free for ever.

Our offer is that you can add web-search service (like google, msn-live
etc.) to your website, for free of cost; it is not just like google or
any other search service, our service is unique as it has the option of
your own logo and link in such a way that the user feels that this is
your own web-search service.

Our web-search service uses the new innovated TIPP methodology and will
include artificial intelligence to find the most relevant searches;
other options include feel lucky and  cluster search; the search results
are categorized on three levels of relevancy and details of relevancy
level and search pattern. 

Silent features of our service is:

(1) Your own logo, so every visiter of your site will see it as your own
web-search service.

(2) No burdon on your website, as the whole search engine is running on
our server.

(3) No need for any programming, just one line html code to be added for
this service.

(4) Several options available for how you wish to show the web-search

(5) This service is absolutely free, free for ever.

(6) You'll share with any revenue earn through advertisements booked
through you.

(7) You'll get share in any earning from clicking the advertisement
(i.e. if the qualified user click the advertisement).

(8) No contract, or time limit, you can avail this service, whenever you
want and for as long as you wish, you can stop using the service for a
time and then restart it again, without any re-registration. (one time
registration is valid for ever).

For sample you can contact one of our OSN registrant i.e.
If you are interested, please do visit http://www.moomna.com/osn/  or
you can contact us through our webmail at our website www.moomna.com

Such opportunities may not knock your door again, so avail this facility
now, where you have no risk at your end, only benefits (i.e. attracting
more users to your website and earning commissions).

looking forward to hear from you and hope that you'll avail this service
as soon as possible.

OSN service,
Moomna (www.moomna.com)

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