gcc version mixture

Rainer Steinle steinle@kwsoft.de
Mon Apr 21 11:14:00 GMT 2008

i have question about gcc3 and gcc4.
Our problem is at the moment that we use at the moment on sunos 5.7 the
gcc 3.4.2 compiler for the all our products. But now we must use the gcc 4.x
compiler because compart does not support 3.x versions that we use in our 
product. So
we must build one library with the 4.2.2 compiler.

But if we deliver this library to our customer we have then a mixture from
gcc 3.4.2 binaries and gcc 4.2.2.
Which uses different  libstdc++.so and libgcc_s.so in the same environment.

Does the binaries from the 3.4.2 compiler are running with the libgcc_s.so
from the gcc 4.2.2 compiler ?
Or which option we have to handle this mixture?


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