Need help for an old makefile

Brian Dessent
Sat Apr 19 14:52:00 GMT 2008

mahmoodn wrote:

> Sorry, What do you mean? Do you think GCC4.1 is able to parse this makefile
> without any additional switch or command? If yes, then why I get this error?

The compiler does not parse makefiles.  'make' is a totally separate
program from the compiler, they are unrelated except for the fact that
they are commonly used together.  Your problem has nothing to do with
gcc though.

> How can I be sure that m4 is installed? Maybe the path is changed?!

The same ways that you check that any program is installed:

- look at the list of packages installed
- "m4 --version" or "m4 -v"
- "type m4" or "which m4" or "locate m4"
- "ls -l /usr/bin/m4"
- etc.


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