error: BB 13 can not throw but has EH edges

Brian Dessent
Tue Apr 15 10:31:00 GMT 2008

Harald van D?k wrote:

> - Is this a known issue? I've searched for this error, but only got
> results requiring specific compiler options that aren't necessary to get
> it to fail here. I will report it as a bug if it's not known (and not
> already fixed by accident).

This looks like <>.

> - When I disable checking, GCC does not generate any error message. Can
> I expect that the code it generates will be correct, or might it be
> broken and going undetected?

Disabling checking just papers over the real problem, which is an
internal inconsistency in gcc.  Whether or not the generated code is
correct is unknown.

> - What would you recommend as a workaround (other than disabling
> checking)? My first guess would be to remove __attribute__((__const__)), but
> that's not an option, as it's part of gtk, and not of the program
> itself. Do you have a good alternative?

I'd add your testcase to that PR above, at least.  You could also try
the current trunk and see if it's fixed there.


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