Passing `-B', `-isystem' and `-Wl,dynamic-linker' flags

Ludovic Courtès
Mon Apr 14 08:25:00 GMT 2008


NixOS ( is a distribution where packages are always
installed in so-called "non-standard" locations (to give you an idea, it
has no `/lib' and the only file in `/bin' is `sh'  :-)).

Thus, when building GCC, `-B' and `-isystem' flags must be passed so
that it finds the libc headers, as well as a `-Wl,-dynamic-linker' flag
to pass the path to the dynamic linker.  However, none of the
environment variables supposedly honored by `configure' seem to suffice
to propagate these flags through all the GCC build tree and all the
build stages (currently, NixOS GCC builds circumvent this problems by
hacking around Makefiles).

What's the recommended way to achieve this?


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