[v850] cross compiler - file v850.md

Jim Wilson wilson@tuliptree.org
Fri Apr 11 23:54:00 GMT 2008

p0ulp3 wrote:
> #include "ghs_null.h"		/* defines NULL and size_t */
> #include "ghs_wchar.h"		/* defines wchar_t */
> [...]

GHS is Green Hills Software.  It looks like you have accidentally mixed 
up the GHS and GCC toolchains somehow.

> CFLAGS=-mv850e -I/tools/gnu/v850-elf/include/
> LDFLAGS=--verbose -Wl, -L/tools/gnu/lib/gcc/v850-elf/4.3.0/v850e/

You must use the some options when linking as when compiling.  Add 
-mv850e to LDFLAGS and your problem will go away, as that tells gcc to 
use the v850e version of libgcc.  And drop the explicit -L option, that 
isn't necessary or useful.


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