Using -m64 on sparc gcc

Raúl Porcel
Wed Apr 9 17:34:00 GMT 2008


actually in Gentoo we're using two compilers, one for the kernel(64 bit) 
and one for the userland(32bit). The compilers are called 
sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu and sparc-unknown-linux-gnu respectively. The 
64bit compiler is just used for compiling the kernel, while the userland 
is only 32bit.

 From kernel-2.6.25 a hack has been removed, that allowed us to 
automatically compile the kernel with the 64bit compiler. You can see 
more info at [1]. But now we have to use 'make 
CROSS_COMPILE="/usr/bin/sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu-"'. GCC on sparc 
doesn't seem to support the two modes, therefore the kernel fails to 
build, since it uses sparc-unkown-linux-gnu by default, calling -m64.

I explained this to our toolchain monkey at [2] and he told me to write 
So, what would be the action to take? Debian seems to have it patched in 
their toolchain but not submitted to upstream.



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