Wrong assembler used with gcc 4.3.0 on Solaris 9

John Morrison JMorrison@printronix.com
Tue Apr 1 18:18:00 GMT 2008

Thanks Dennis.

It looks like I've finally got it.   Like I mentioned earlier, setting
the value of GCC_EXEC_PREFIX before running gcc seems to fix the
problem.  The previous value pointed to the place where the GCC 2.95.2
and binutils 2.11 version existed.  I change it to point to where the
4.2.0 and 2.17 (respectively) versions are installed and the compiles

I was able to do the same upgrade under Linux with no real problems.
But Solaris was a nightmare.  My background is in big iron (IBM)
operating systems and WinTel and I'm still "getting a handle on" unix.
There is obviously a lot of lore I don't know.  As with most things, you
have to know what you are looking for before you can look for it.  I
didn't know that under certain circumstances that an environment
variable would control/override where GCC looks for "things".


John Morrison
Printronix, Inc


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> Hi Dennis.
> Solaris is only the host and the target is powerpc-eabi.

Ah .. a cross compile.  That makes sense.

> We are upgrading from 2.95 (I think its 2.95, I can't remember right 
> now)

try to run gcc -v

> to
> 4.2.0.  The binutils and gcc builds appeared to be ok, but when I 
> tried to do a compile, the 2.95 assembler was being called.  I posted 
> here on this problem a few weeks ago and got no response.

hrmmm .. maybe I can help.  How are you doing with this thus far ?


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