One more issue with loading on x86_64

Andrew Haley
Tue Apr 1 09:55:00 GMT 2008

Lorenzo Pesce wrote:

> Thanks a lot for you help. Thanks to Ian I found the .o files compiled
> with the -fPIC.
> Using those I could build a dynamically linked library that works fine
> and it is
> accepted both by other packages (the ones I tested) and java.
> The executables and statically linked libraries port on the different
> implementations of
> x86_64 that I have. However, the dynamically linked libraries, which I
> build as
> gcc -shared -fPIC -o  srcdir/*.o
> If built on system 1 are not recognized by system 2, but if they are
> built on system 2
> they are recognized on system 1 (and 2 of course).... I can't figure out
> what the problem could
> be. 

Generally speaking, we're backwards but not forwards compatible.


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