Help needed to modify GCC!

Tue Apr 1 03:50:00 GMT 2008

Hello Sir,
       I'll tell you clearly, our project is to add new C99 features to GCC.
We have to add our codes to the current GCC and We are trying to build the
GCC codes. We got some idea of where to add our codes. now the problem is
after we add our codes we are not getting errors but the symbol table is not
getting created. we want the symbol table to print to a file or a stream.

we added the following code in c-parse.c

//line 2139
YMPRINTF(Title, Token, Value, Location)        \
do {                                \
  if (yydebug)                            \
    {    \
    /*FILE *FP;    */                    \
    /*FP=fopen("symtab.txt","w");    */            \
    /*YYFPRINTF(FP,"%s",Title);                */\
      YYFPRINTF (stderr, "%s ", Title);    printf("%s   ",Title);           
    printf("%d    ",Token);\
    symcopy (Title);\
      yysymprint (stderr,                     \
                  Token, Value);    \
      YYFPRINTF (stderr, "\n");    printf("\n");                \
    symcopy("\n");                \
    }                                \
} while (0)

line 2285
static void symcopy(text)
char *text;
FILE *FP;                       

Can you suggest any solution ????

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