Installation Instructions / Problems with building gcc 4.2.1

Simon King
Tue Sep 25 17:40:00 GMT 2007

Dear gcc-help team,

thank you very much for your support! After installation of glibc with the 
missing stubs-32.h, gcc built successfully, apparently allowing both -m32 
and -m64.

One suggestion though: 

When i'm installing software, i'm used to read README, but here it just 
said that
  "The directory INSTALL contains copies of the installation information
   as HTML and plain text."
(which is not true!), and also points to gcc/doc/install.texi, but i don't 
know what to do with a .texi-file (my lack of experience, i know...).

INSTALL/README is the next thing that i would read, but it mainly tells me 
"This directory has been obsoleted for GCC snapshots and CVS access."

I would find it helpful to find the full installation instruction as plain 
text in README or INSTALL/README or something called INSTALL.txt, together 
with a link to

Yours sincerely

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