SPARC64 64-bit tool chain

Sunil Amitkumar Janki
Sat Sep 1 11:24:00 GMT 2007

I have Slackware 12.0 32-bit running on my SPARC server
and would like to build a 64-bit tool chain. I have tried many
times to build it but have failed to get far into the build

I have also tried crosstool but it bails out with an error so
I would rather do it manually so I have more control over
the process and get a better understanding of the whole of

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to do this?
I can't find a SPARC64 64-bit tool chain anywhere but I
need at least a 64-bit compiler to build a 64-bit kernel
for my server since it won't boot 32-bit Linux kernels.

But I also want to have a pure 64-bit tool chain ready
to experiment with for performance and general testing


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