Signatures Was: where can I get gcc optimizations information

Andrew Haley
Mon Mar 19 10:45:00 GMT 2007

Daniel Berlin writes:
 > We're sorry, but thousands of people are not going to possibly take on
 > liability and risk simply because your company believes it is a good
 > idea to add disclaimers to mails.
 > If this means you can't interact with people, maybe your company
 > should reconsider it's stance on attempting to foist the liability and
 > risk of using email onto others (which is effectively what these
 > disclaimers do).  If they won't, we're sorry, but we're doing this to
 > avoid burdening thousands of people who can use the list without
 > having to worry about these things.
 > You can, of course, argue that these disclaimers mean nothing, and are
 > worse than useless, but at least i'm not willing to spend the tens of
 > thousands of dollars it would cost in court to prove it for each
 > different one i receive.

Thanks, Dan.  I'm going to cut and keep this reply of yours for the
next time this question comes up...


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