where can I get gcc optimizations information

Sunzir Deepur sunzird@gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 16:21:00 GMT 2007


>  > On 3/12/07, Andrew Haley <aph@redhat.com> wrote:
>  > What is the difference between -fdump-tree-all and -fdump-rtl-all ?
> What differences did you see when you looked?
well, fdump-rtl produced a lot of files in RTL syntax,
and i guess each file corresponds to a different PASS.
when used with -dv it also produces VCG graphes, but not to them
why doesn't it produce a vcg file to the last five passes too ?

when i tried fdump-tree-all, it produced files with numbers that are prefixed
with 't'. i guess it stands for 'tree' but the syntax of these files
was unclear to
me. are those files correspons to passes, too ? where can i learn about
their syntax ?

>  > what does the -da annotations mean ?
> I don't understand this question.
I just didn't understand what does the -da does. it says it adds annotations
but i couldn't understand where..

Thank You !!!!

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