arm 9260ej-s dsp functions AS problems

Victor Librado
Thu Mar 15 11:38:00 GMT 2007

Hello all,
I`m working with an ATMEL arm at91sam9260 (core 9260EJ-S) under Linux 
(Linux kernel 2.6.15; armv5l-linux toolchain). I want to implement a FFT 
function in C code and I would like to take advantage of the asm DSP 
like functions the core provides. Compiler don´t uses them (in the .S 
file generated), can it be configured (a directive include in the 
makefile, in the source...) the gcc to use these asm DSP functions 
automatically providing so a much efficient and better arm code?
Another option I have tried is to write these pieces of code in 
assembler using these functions... but the assembler returns error 
(assembler function not known). I updated to gcc4.1.2 version and 
compile this way:

arm-linux-gnu-gcc-4.1 -v -msoft-float -mcpu=arm926ej-s -S mul.c -o mul.o

Version 4.1.2 accepts the arm core as option but function doesn't 

Any idea or configuration of the gcc to get it working efficiently and 
optimized for this arm core?

Thanks in advance.




Victor Librado Sancho
Departamento I+D


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