compiling gcc 4.1.1 for AVR

Kai Ruottu
Wed Sep 27 09:57:00 GMT 2006

alee kirjoitti:

 > build/fix-header.o .../.././gcc/fix-header.c
 > /opt/avr/bin/avr-as: unrecognized option `-Qy'
 > What is "make" building here?

 It is building executables for the $build platform...

 >  Do I have a buggy avr-as?  avr-as doesn't have the '-Qy' 
option...should it?
 >  Or is "make" using avr-as incorrectly here?
As you can see the AVR 'as' was tried to be used with the native 'gcc' 
!  Why?   Have you done
some weird environment settings or what?  Maybe defining 'AS' to be this 
'as' could cause this
but why anyone could do something like this?

One doesn't need to put anything else into the PATH than the 
'$prefix/bin', your '/opt/avr/bin',
the stuff in '$prefix/$target/bin' will be found automatically with the 
new GCC.  Neither any
environment settings are required for 'AS' and 'LD', if one wants some 
GCC-version specific
ones, putting them into the '$prefix/libexec/gcc/$target/$gcc-version' 
among the 'cc1*' and
'collect2' executables there, would be the solution...

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