java runtime

Marco Trudel
Fri Sep 15 18:25:00 GMT 2006

Dima Sorkin wrote:
> Hi.
> On 9/15/06, Tim Prince  wrote:
>> Dima Sorkin wrote:
>> > I have an application that requires java runtime (at Linux Fedora).
>> > Does some come with GCJ ? (I want to try, before installing the 
>> Sun's one).
>> gcj has a full set of linkable libraries.  If the application is built to
>>   depend on Sun or IBM JRE, I suppose it would have to be rebuilt to use
>> gcj.
> Ok, with GCJ I can build an executable, not to run an applet, right ?
> Dima.

With GCJ, you can compile Java -> Applications <- (with a main() method) 
to an executable. You can't compile an applet to an application, because 
you need some sort of appletviewer for an applet. But if you've already 
an applet, then it won't be hard to change it to an AWT application...

Aditionally you can run bytecode (for example compiled with a sun jdk 
1.5) with gij.

You might want to use a GUI frontend for GCJ:

And finally: You're on the wrong mailinglist buddy. There's a java 
relatet list. See


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