use multiple versions

Sven Eschenberg
Tue Sep 12 16:43:00 GMT 2006

Jim Ernsberger wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am in the need to understand how to compile and link to a different
> version of gcc.
> Background - we have a server with old slack distro running egcs 1.12 (Don't
> ask long story) there are some apps and support libs that are needed to run,
> ./configure bombs with the current version we are running, I have tested
> these needed libs and apps on a recent version and ./configure make work
> just fine. I have followed the FAQ and some mailing list suggestions on
> compiling and installing a different versions now I have no idea how I can
> get them into my envirement so ./configure will use the new version of gcc.
> Suggestions and directions are welcomed.
> Thank you
> Jim
a configure --help issues:

Some influential environment variables:
  CC          C compiler command
  CFLAGS      C compiler flags
  LDFLAGS     linker flags, e.g. -L<lib dir> if you have libraries in a
              nonstandard directory <lib dir>
  CPPFLAGS    C/C++ preprocessor flags, e.g. -I<include dir> if you have
              headers in a nonstandard directory <include dir>
  CPP         C preprocessor

And that''s how you can manage to choose your compiler ...

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