Building gcc 3.0 on gcc 4.0

Rupert Wood
Sun Sep 10 23:49:00 GMT 2006

Tim Prince wrote:

> The first suspect, when you don't confirm that you have followed
> instructions at, is ...
> like maybe you didn't run configure.

How could he build it if he hadn't run configure? You can see from the
output that he's building in a different directory from the source which
means he probably did read the instructions - or too recent a version.

Korneez, from the output it looks like you ran 'make' not 'make bootstrap';
the build process has changed since 3.0 and the documentation on
is for the latest release. If you run 'make bootstrap' instead then it
should only attempt to build the files that it failed on with a GCC 3.0 that
it'd just built, which should succeed.

However, if you just need a pre-4.0 compiler then you can install Fedora 4's
compat-gcc-32 package to get gcc 3.2 already built for you.


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