Modifying the LABEL for functions emitted by the GCC Compiler

John (Eljay) Love-Jensen
Fri Sep 1 14:20:00 GMT 2006

Hi Rohit,

Note:  your question is somewhat off topic to this forum.  It's not really a GCC question, per se.

If your platform has the convention of leading underscore on C routines, you should have everything compiled with that convention.

Trying to mix with and without leading underscore conventions will be an exercise in frustration and futility.

If you have a library compiled one way, and other code compiled the other way, and you just REALLY have to get them to talk (and you have a lot of time and patience), you could write some springboard stub routines.

But I first strongly recommend just insuring everything is compiled with the same leading underscore convention.


PS:  please don't cross post to both the gcc and gcc-help forums.

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