cross compilation

Kai Ruottu
Tue Sep 26 12:57:00 GMT 2006

Mangal Pandey wrote:
> I'm developing an application on RHEL AS4 and want to
> generate code for Solaris 5.10. I'm using GCC 3.4.3.
> What steps i need to follow to generate code for
> Solaris 5.10.
 1. Get the Solaris 10 $target C libraries into your $host,
     install them where a crosscompiler should have the
     $target stuff

 2. Build Solaris10 $target binutils, installing them into
     the same scheme with the $target libraries

 3. Build the Solaris10 $target GCC, its build requires both
     the $target binutils and the $target C libraries when
     producing extra libraries (libiberty, libstdc++-v3,...) for
     the $target.  Then install your new GCC !

 4. Try compiling and linking your 'hello.c' and 'hello.cpp'
     and after these succeeding and working on the $target,
     be happy !
The older GCC manuals, for instance the gcc-2.95.3 "Using
and Porting and its "Installing GNU CC / Building and
Installing a Cross-Compiler" are your friends!

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