printf-like syntax

David Sveningsson
Mon Sep 25 16:44:00 GMT 2006

I have created an extended version of printf for a gaming engine. It has 
the possibility to print any in-game entity. Because of portability I 
didn't use the otherwise nice feature to customize printf that gcc has. 
But there is one thing that I however would like to use, the printf 
format attribute:

*#ifdef LINUX
#define PRINTF_SYNTAX __attribute__((format(printf,/m/,/n/)))

*My problem is that each time I use one of my custom specifiers GCC 
warns about it. Is there some way to stop that, like adding the 
specifier to that list but not to printf?

*//David Sveningsson [eXt]*
Freelance Coder | Game Developer Student
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