How to check the default abi

Hiroki Kaminaga
Wed Sep 13 11:35:00 GMT 2006


I'm trying to use gcc-4.1.1, and want to know about -mabi=ibmlongdouble
option for powerpc. What is the default for -mabi, and how can I check it?
I looked into -dumpspecs, but could not find any setups.

Also, if I want to set -mabi=ibmlongdouble as default, is setting
--with-mabi=ibmlongdouble at configure the right thing to do?
Or is it enabled only if explicitly specified?

Also, is -mlong-double-128 supported in gcc-4.1.1 powerpc?
It was not documented in, but the option seems to be supported...

Thanks in Advance.

(Hiroki Kaminaga)

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