linking with __CTOR_LIST__

Tue Sep 12 10:18:00 GMT 2006

Hi Grig,

thanks for reply. there must be some way to walk and call those pointers?
want to do something like as follows on linux appllication. 

To use gcov for a application which runs all the time, i wanted to change
the behavior.

This is the code extract from

extern long __CTOR_LIST__;
typedef void (*func_ptr)(void) ;
func_ptr *p = (func_ptr*) &__CTOR_LIST__;

if ( p == NULL) {
printk("No CTORS\n");
for ( ; *p != (func_ptr) 0; p++) {
(*p) ();

I wanted to do similar stuff for the application.
Any other idea or right alias (if it is not the one).

thanks and regards,

Grigory Zagorodnev wrote:
> Abby wrote:
>> i am writing an application (linux) where i am trying to reference
>> __CTOR_LIST__ ?
>> /tmp/cc2rTvyB.o(.data+0x0): undefined reference to `__CTOR_LIST__'
>> any idea?
>> abby.
> __CTOR_LIST__ is a local symbol, it can't be referenced from outside 
> crtbegin*.o startup object file.
> - Grigory

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