difference between xscale and iwmmxt

Bridge Wu mingqiao.wu@gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 02:53:00 GMT 2006


It seems -mcpu=xscale and -mcpu=iwmmxt not only mean for different
target, but also mean different calling convention. E.g, look at issue

I built an arm linux tool chain with gcc-3.4.3, glibc-2.3.2 and
binutils- by using crosstool. I set
GCC_EXTRA_CONFIG="--with-cpu=iwmmxt --enable-cxx-flags=-mcpu=iwmmxt".

% cat floattest.c
#include <stdio.h>
int main()
        float a;

        printf("%f\n", 1.0/3.0);
        return 0;

% arm-linux-gcc floattest.c -mcpu=xscale
The result is wrong.

% arm-linux-gcc floattest.c
% arm-linux-gcc floattest.c -mcpu=iwmmxt
Both the results are correct.

Look at the generated assembly code, I find "ldmia   r1, {r1, r2}" is
used before invoking printf() with -mcpu=xscale, while "ldmia   r2,
{r2, r3}" is used with -mcpu=iwmmxt. It shows these two options have
different calling convention.

Then which PCS (procedure call standard) do xscale and iwmmxt follow
up respectively? Are there any clues to this?

best regards,

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