changes made to gmon-sol2.c not reflected after recompiling gcc

Hari K. Pyla
Tue Nov 28 22:43:00 GMT 2006

Hi Ian,
I am sorry for the typo, you are right I was missing the "not". My host 
is i386, Thank you for taking time to reply. I guess I need to get to 
glibc sources.

Thanks and Regards,

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

>"Hari K. Pyla" <> writes:
>>       I edited the following functions in gmon-sol2.c in
>>gcc-4.1.1/gcc/config/i386 directory
>>(i) monstartup()
>>(ii) _mcleanup()
>>(iii) internal_mcount()
>>(iv) moncontrol()
>>basically added some fprintf()'s,  changed the filename "gmon.out" to
>>"newgmon.out" in create() and  recompiled gcc with the following
>>make install
>>The changes do seem to be reflected in the new build of gcc. Is there
>>anything that I am missing. I appreciate you taking time to answer
>OK, I'm guessing that you're missing a "not" in the first sentence of
>the last paragraph.
>The problem is most likely that gmon-sol2.c is not used.  You didn't
>mention which type of host you are running on, but gmon-sol2.c is only
>used on x86 Solaris systems.
>On other x86 systems, including GNU/Linux, the equivalent code is
>found in the C library.  On a GNU/Linux system, you will find the code
>in glibc, in the csu subdirectory.

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