help building cross compilation ia32 to ia64

Tim Prince
Fri Nov 24 15:07:00 GMT 2006

Kai Ruottu wrote:
> Kai Ruottu wrote:
>> Does someone know what on earth is the idea in the SGI's SuSE 
>> Linux/ia64, why its
>> stuff is totally in some non-standard format?
> Hadn't the Andreas reply available here, but he was right, the '2.16.91' 
> branch seems to
> be broken, for instance the "icecream" one at the OpenSuse 10.0 archives :
> kai@Dell:/opt/host-SuSE10.1_ia64/lib> 
> /usr/local/ia64-suse-linux10.1/bin/ld -V
> GNU ld version 20051219 (SUSE Linux)
>  Supported emulations:
>   elf64_ia64
> My self-made one (..0.7) behaved similarly. But an earlier '' 
> binutils for RHL7.2/ia64
> accepted the format....

binutils provided with major linux distros for ia64 and x86-64 have been 
chronically problematical.  I have had success with the Red Hat "hot 
fix" binutils for ia64 (of doubtful open-ness) and the gnu binutils 2.17.
I hesitate to make suggestions which almost certainly will be ignored, 
but I would like to see gcc test_summary report automatically about the 
ld version.

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