is the c code in gcc comiled sequentially???

Wed Nov 15 17:55:00 GMT 2006

John Love-Jensen wrote:
> Hi Akshat,
>> -i really dont have a clue to what tool chain driver means.sorry for
>> that.
> A "tool chain driver" is a program that executes other programs, in the
> proper order, to achieve a particular goal.
> For example, the gcc tool chain driver runs the preprocessor, then takes
> the
> output from the preprocessor and runs that output through the compiler,
> then
> takes that output from the compiler and runs it through the assembler,
> then
> takes that output from the assembler and runs it through the linker, to
> produce the executable.
>> for the following simple code i thought its obvious that 'hello' is
>> printed
>> but that doesnt happen.
>> as far as i knew the code is executed sequentially.
> You have not flushed your buffer yet, so the "Hello" is languishing in the
> buffer.
> Add a ...
> cout.flush();
> ... statement to flush the buffer, before entering the loop.
> HTH,
> --Eljay
thanks a lot dude.

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