Curious segmentation fault... SOLVED

Shriramana Sharma
Thu May 25 13:14:00 GMT 2006

Wednesday 24 May 2006 18:42 samaye, Andrew Haley alekhiit:

> In the version you posted it was
>   char spicanaama[] = "Spica";
> which is 6 bytes long.

Right, now I made it 
char spicanaama[41] = "Spica";

BTW why does my PGP signature keep going bad on this list? KMail warns me in 
red regarding my own mails:

Message was signed by (Key ID: 0x2CE145422E33AB2D).
Warning: The signature is bad.

I have never had this problem with other lists. I always see mails signed by 
me in green with the message:

Message was signed by (Key ID: 0x2CE145422E33AB2D).
The signature is valid and the key is ultimately trusted.

Thanks for any help...


P.S: Sorry for the OT branch-off. Please tell me if this query regarding usage 
of this list is inappropriate here.


Tux #395953 resides at
playing with KDE 3.52 on SUSE Linux 10.1
$ date [] CCE +2006-05-25 W21-4 UTC+0530

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