GCC 4.0.1 compilation errors

Andrew Haley aph@redhat.com
Fri May 5 11:07:00 GMT 2006

Ginil Gharat writes:
 > We recently started porting a C++ project from gcc-3.2.1 to gcc-4.0.1. We
 > initially ran into several problems. The code that compiled easily with
 > gcc-3.2.1 would not compile with gcc-4.0.1.
 > Later we found that code compiled till gcc-3.3.6 version, but since the
 > gcc-3.4.0 version the code wouldn't compile. The major errors are with
 > template, name lookup but there are also certain errors with finding
 > definitions from header files which are included and are in include path. 
 > Can you please point some links where these issues are discussed and any
 > documents where these issues are explained and we can easily resolve these
 > compilation errors.
 > Any help wud be appreciated.

Please don't cc the gcc list and gcc-help.

The main differences in g++ are due to the fact that we're far more
standard compliant than we used to be.  I expect that you will
discover that most of your problems are due to bugs in your code.  In
particular, you may have to use typename where previously you didn't.

If there are problems that you don't understand after consulting the
appropriate standards, post them to gcc-help and we'll try to help.


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