GCC 4.0.1 compilation errors

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Fri May 5 10:56:00 GMT 2006

Ginil Gharat wrote:

> We recently started porting a C++ project from gcc-3.2.1 to gcc-4.0.1. We
> initially ran into several problems. The code that compiled easily with
> gcc-3.2.1 would not compile with gcc-4.0.1.
> Later we found that code compiled till gcc-3.3.6 version, but since the
> gcc-3.4.0 version the code wouldn't compile. The major errors are with
> template, name lookup but there are also certain errors with finding
> definitions from header files which are included and are in include path.
> Can you please point some links where these issues are discussed and any
> documents where these issues are explained and we can easily resolve these
> compilation errors.

Do not post to both gcc-help@ and gcc@.  The latter is for development
of the compiler, not questions on how to use it.

Read all the links on this page: <http://kegel.com/gcc/gcc4.html>.


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