FW: Problem building cross compiler gcc-4.0.3 for ARM using CYGWIN in Windows2000

Kai Ruottu karuottu@mbnet.fi
Tue May 30 07:07:00 GMT 2006

Kanwal Preet Singh CHANANA wrote :

 > /cygdrive/c/build/build-gcc/gcc/xgcc

> -B/cygdrive/c/build/build-gcc/gcc/
> -B/cygdrive/c/build/Build/arm-elf/bin/
> -B/cygdrive/c/build/Build/arm-elf/lib/
> -isystem /cygdrive/c/build/Build/arm-elf/include
> -isystem /cygdrive/c/build/Build/arm-elf/sys-include
> My config options is as below:
> $ ./gcc4.0.3/configure --target=$TARGET --prefix=$PREFIX

 Are these values in sync with what your LOG told?
That $TARGET="arm-elf" and $PREFIX="/cygdrive/c/build/Build" ?

 Those '-isystem' options should take care that the target
headers will be found in the '$PREFIX/$TARGET/*include'.

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