Curious segmentation fault...

Shriramana Sharma
Mon May 22 17:35:00 GMT 2006

Dear list,

Namaste (hello). This is my first post. I wonder if I have found a bug or at 
least an anomalous behaviour in GCC. Please download the file segfault.tar.gz 

(available for seven days from now). Do make and test both monthpan and 
monthpan-bug with any date range that contains a Sunday (which is where the 
bug lies). You should find that monthpan creates an output file called 
monthpan.txt whereas monthpan-bug creates a segmentation fault at 
grahanaama[0] (grahanaama means "weekday name").

The only difference between the two source files monthpan.c and monthpan-bug.c 
is that the latter contains the line:

char spicanaama[] = "Spica";

*before* the start of the declarations of the two-dimensional arrays, which 
for some reason seems to cause the zero element of the first two-dimensional 
array to be out-of-bounds.

This problem confirmed on gcc-4.1/glibc-2.4 and gcc-3.35/glibc-2.34.

Please can anyone enlighten me as to what exactly causes this bug? Is it a bug 
with GCC? If yes, where do I report it?



Tux #395953 resides at
playing with KDE 3.51 on SUSE Linux 10.1
$ date [] CCE +2006-05-22 W21-1 UTC+0530
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