Using a compiler from a program

Thu Mar 16 21:37:00 GMT 2006

Silly memories .... early in web at CDC for data retrieval over
the web someone wrote a program such that when a CGI
request came it it wrote a custom program in C, compiled
it, and ran it to generate the HTML that was sent back to
the user.  That code ran for a long time on a single CPU
200mhz Pentium server.   Overhead to do all of that was
a second or two.  Not too shabby, considering.

Of course this predates PHP, ASP, Java, et al. 
And its design was crude.  So nothing you could

Good luck.

>Hello, excuse my english. I want to create a program that generates
>code in c++, and later it compiles to code machine for its later
>execution from the own program or to create a library. I want to make
>this without using a external programs calls, but using a library or
>functions designed for it.
>My question is if gcc have any that makes this function or if exist
>any alternative library or utility that make the same process to
>create code machine of dynamic form for its later execution.

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