slow complex<double>'s with g++ [Solved]

Greg Buchholz
Mon Mar 6 18:03:00 GMT 2006

Brian Budge wrote:
> Hmmmm, yeah... I guess it shouldn't make an 8.5 time difference.
> You're right, it should be a smaller difference.  The squaring is 2
> muls and an add vs 4 muls and 2 adds, so it should be less than twice
> as fast when you include the other portion.
> The instruction ordering might be more optimal also.
> 8.5 times though... weird.
    Looks like the problem can be solved by manually inlining the
definition of "norm"...

     //manually inlining "norm" results in a 5x-7x speedup on g++
     for(int i=0; i<iter and
           (Z.real()*Z.real() + Z.imag()*Z.imag()) <= limit_sqr; ++i)
       Z = Z*Z + C;

...For some reason g++ must not have been able to inline it (or does so
after common subexpression elimination or somesuch).

Greg Buchholz

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