newbie question: building and using a static lib - THANKS !!

Dieter Tschermernig
Mon Mar 6 15:13:00 GMT 2006

John, you're the man !!

It was the sequence of course. As mentioned, I had tried to shuffle the
order of the libraries around... but for whatever reason (spuidness ?)
it didn´t occur to me that I have to mention the .o before the
libraries, since it relies to the functions in the librarues..... ARRGH.
Maybe I should look into gardening or something :)

Anyway, thanks so much for the help !

(Of course also to you, Leopold.)


John Love-Jensen wrote:
> Hi Dieter,
> The command line is order sensitive.
> You have the order backwards.
> Put your .o files before the -l<lib> files.  Otherwise, the linker says*
> "Here I have libmyclass.lib, what missing symbols do I need out of there?
> Hey, I don't have any missing symbols at the moment, I don't need to
> incorporate anything from libmyclass.lib."
> Also, you don't need the -I<dir> for doing the linking operation.  Doesn't
> hurt, either.  Just clutter.
> HTH,
> --Eljay
> * Don't anthropomorphize linkers.  They hate it when you do that.

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