Toolchain on windows to generate linux ececutables

Brian Dessent
Fri Mar 3 19:53:00 GMT 2006

Bruno Calvo wrote:

> I develop programs for both Windows and Linux, and in
> order to ensure synchronization of both, and to save
> time, I would like to generate both 'with one click'.
> I use windows mainly, and have a Linux VmWare to
> generate and test the linux programs.
> I wonder if there is any toolchain on windows that
> could generate a linux (ELF) executable.

Gcc is host-agnostic.  So you can just build a linux targeted gcc that
runs under windows (cygwin).  Look into crosstool, which works fine with

> As far as I know, CygWin and Mingw do the inverse
> process (windows .exes from linux), but I use more
> Windows (sorry :-)).

No, both are native compilers.  Of course they can be compiled as cross
compilers too, for the same reason as above, but that is not the focus
of either project.


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