linking libraries by gcc

Kevin Ma
Tue Mar 28 21:38:00 GMT 2006

Thank you Eljay.
Your hint helped me to find the problem. nm recognizes functions lib1.a, but
complains that "File format not recognized" for files in lib2.a.
Files in lib1 (*.c) were written in C, but files (*.cpp) in lib2 were
written in c++ and compiled with g++.
I changed all compilers/linkers to g++, still has the problem.

Don't tell me I have to convert all the functions in lib2 into C format. :-)

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Hi Kevin,

> The functions (that gcc said undefined reference to) are defined in
> They are called by lib1.a.

Hmmm.  Then the linker should be able to find them.  Very strange.

Can you do a nm on lib1.a and lib2.a to verify that the missing symbols are
'U' in lib1.a and 'T' in lib2.a.


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