gcc 4.1 -O1 problem

Kevin Shanahan kmshanah@disenchant.net
Thu Mar 16 04:49:00 GMT 2006


I've come across a problem with my program when compiling with gcc-4.1
as opposed to gcc-4.0. With 4.1, the sound output comes out as
corrupted. I've narrowed it down to a single source file, and the fact
that it works with -O0 but not -O1.

However, I've tried to find the specific optimisation flag that is
causing the issue and I've come up against the situation below:

If I compile with -O0 and each of the flags below, the sound output is
working again. If I compile with -O1 and each of the options below
changed to -fno-... then the sound corruption is back:


Are there any other options besides these which -O1 affects?
Any other ideas as to how I can narrow down the cause?


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