Gcc 3.4.6 Build error

Bob Proulx bob@proulx.com
Wed Jun 28 23:44:00 GMT 2006

Mcgovern, Matthew  CIV NAVAIR 521420E wrote:
> However, I think your final suggestion, "You might be able to find a
> prebuild apache2 for hpux" may be the way to go for me.

That would certainly save you a bunch of time and effort.  Because gcc
is a large software project and not completely trivial to build from
scratch.  And then apache is another large software project and again
not completely trivial to build from scratch.  Doing both back to back
is a double hit of building the tools to build the tools.  Getting a
precompiled binary, even if not completely optimal, may still be best
for you.

> I don't even know if installing gcc will solve my Apache
> installation problem (which is what I'm mainly interested in).

Yep.  You need the milling machine to build the lathe to make the
crankshaft but what you really needed was simply the crankshaft.

> I do have a prebuilt Apache upgrade that was installed on another HP-UX
> 10.20 system.  I thought about installing it, before I went down the
> path to install gcc and Apache from scratch.  But, the prebuilt Apache
> is not installed in the same location my current web server is (as you
> indicated may be an issue).  So I would have to modify my current
> location to get it to work.  Or modify the "httpd.conf" file to match
> with my current apache directory structure.  This looks like the
> simplest solution for now.

Don't forget that symlinks may be able to adapt one location from one
place to another.  This is not really an apache forum.  But possibly
you could put symlinks in the filesystem to make the new installation
look like the old installation.

You have to be careful about the httpd.conf file because it will
specify dynamic libraries to load at program start.  It is usually
best to keep the httpd.conf file with the server it matches,
specifically for the shared library configuration, and instead make
the modifications that you need to make to the given file.  I don't
think I said that very well but hopefully you know what I meant

> Again, thank you for your assistance on this.  If I can't get the
> prebuilt Apache to work I may return to this and try it again.

Good luck!


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