How can I remove articles posted under my name?
Sun Jun 25 23:40:00 GMT 2006

[ cutting down the CC list ]

Alexander Verhaeghe <> wrote on Mon, 26 Jun 2006:
> As the title says, how can I remove articles posted
> under my name "Alexander Verhaeghe" or e-mailaddress
> "alexanderverhaeghe at yahoo dot com"
> When I do a search in I
> get 8 results which I would like to have removed,
> espcially when they popup in the searchengines.

You've just added another 2 to that list.  Had you not misspelled once that would have been three.  Needless to say that these 2  
will be reproduced on several other list archives, including  
which you found before.

Please stop spamming the lists with requests to be removed from the  
list archives hosted on and other, unrelated sites.  As  
other people have pointed out to you, this is not going to happen  
(reg. my previous answers, I might add that I wasn't aware that  
there's a policy in place against this, but it makes a lot of sense),  
and the lists themselves are the wrong place to ask for this.  If you  
don't want your address published, this originally happened a year  
ago, when you originally posted to the list and only turning back time  
can revert this fact.  If you don't want unfavorably looking posts  
appearing in a google search of your name, you've not done yourself a  
favor with today's series of posts.

- Tobi

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