Building gcc 3.4.5 on x86 Solaris 9

Kai Ruottu
Wed Jun 14 16:18:00 GMT 2006

Ghost Ghost wrote :
> Just wanted to know if anyone was successful at building gcc 3.4.5 on 
> Solaris9 (x86) .

  Solaris[89] probably requires GNU make and other GNU tools being used 
instead of the original
Solaris2/Unix SVR4 ones.  The "Prerequisites" in the "Installing GCC" 
says that using GNU make
is obligatory.  Because of these "GNUish" requirements quite many use 
only Linux or something
else more GNU'ish  build platform for their builds, even for the 
Solarises.  Producing crosstools
first for the Solaris[789] and Solaris10 targets isn't that hard.  But 
trying to convert the Solaris
platform to be more GNUish is the easy way.

> I tried building the source but there was an error when running the 
> 'make'(i followed the installation notes ) . i will be posting the 
> exact error and procedure later. but i just wanted to see if anyone 
> had any thoughts as to what might be the problem.

 Using at least the GNU make could be the first step in the 'GNUify' 
process...  What else should
be added, will be found via the Solaris2 FAQ, the "Installing GCC" 
manual and such.

 I'm going  to build gcc-3.2.3 - gcc-4.1.1 for the Solaris9 and 10 
targets, both Sparc and x86. For the
Solaris 10 I still have only the gcc-3.3.6 and it only for Sparc. For 
the Solaris9 only the 4.1.1 is missing
for both architectures, the 3.2.3, 3.3.6, 3.4.6 and 4.0.3 for Sparc/x86 
succeeded nicely. My $build/$host
is Linux/x86 (now SuSE Linux 9.2).

 So at least I "was successful at building gcc 3.4.6 for Solaris9 
(x86)"... For curiosity I could try using the
new gcc-3.4.6 for 'i486-solaris2.9' (my target name choice) to compile 
itself for 'i486-solaris2.9 host/target,
but still that '--build=i486-solaris2.9' issue will not be seen.  I'm 
not expecting any problems with this
"Canadian Cross" build...

 > p.s  As i am newbie at solaris and open source software development i 
hope that i have not made a
 > trivial mistak

 Not reading the "Prerequisites" for the GCC build could be one 
'lapsus', so if you didn't install the GNU
make first, that could be called as "trivial mistake", just as this GCC 
manual tells :

    "GNU make version 3.79.1 (or later)
         You must have GNU make installed to build GCC."

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