Gcc 3.4.6 Build error

Bob Proulx bob@proulx.com
Wed Jun 28 08:34:00 GMT 2006

Mcgovern, Matthew  CIV NAVAIR 521420E wrote:
> I am attempting to install a native gcc 3.4.6 on an HP-UX 10.20 OS.
> I've successfully run configure.  The srcdir is separate from objdir.
> When I try to build the system I get the following error:
> Cpp:  libgnuintl.h line 301 error 4065 Recursion in macro
> "libintl_set_relocation_prefix"

Exactly what were the options to configure?  Are you using the native
HP C compiler?  Is this the bundled K&R compiler or the optionally
installed ANSI C compiler?

> Any suggestions on how to solve this and continue with the build?

Depending upon the above answer you may need to bootstrap yourself
using a previously compiled binary version of gcc.


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