Thank you for doc on Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide

Tue Jun 13 16:21:00 GMT 2006

Hello Peter,

Just wanted to thank you very much for your document on creating linux
kernel modules. ( )

You have no idea how helpful that doc was to me!



PS. Minor errata. When I tested the code for hello-5.c I see that there is
       a mistake on how module_param_array is being used:

       module_param_array(myintArray, int, &arr_argc, 0000);

It seems to me that we should not pass in the address of arr_argc
but the arr_argc itself. The macro is already de-referencing it:

       module_param_array(myintArray, int, arr_argc, 0000);

Unrolled Macro produces:

    static struct kparam_array __param_arr_myintArray = {
       (sizeof(myintArray) / sizeof((myintArray)[0])),
       &arr_argc,     <======================== '&' put in by the macro!
       myintArray };

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