Installing multilib on x86_64*-linux* with 32-bit libs to lib32 and 64-bit libs to lib

Kai Ruottu
Wed Jun 7 07:19:00 GMT 2006

Albert Chin wrote :

 > How do I build gcc-4.0.2 on x86_64*-linux* so 32-bit libs are
 > installed to $prefix/lib32 and 64-bit libs to $prefix/lib?

 This is unstandard, all the Linux/*64's should use '*/lib64' for the 
64-bit libs and
'*/lib' for the 32-bit libs, this is the de-facto standard!  Whether it 
is also an official
standard is unknown... Also the GCC sources  use this existing de-facto 

 The only 64-bit Linux I have met using what you describe, is the 
Ubuntu.  Why it
tries that old "proprietary" idea: "get me and then be married with me", 
is somehow
uncomprehensible in this "open standard systems" age...

 So your only choice  without doing manual fixes to the FSF sources, is 
to "marry
with" Ubuntu, use only its patched sources, and never try any pristine 
FSF ones!

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